Total Stack Solution

Here is the business Case for the products:

The energy used is $0.10 Kwh/Kg. of pure carbon 100% conversion or 10,000 Kwh/ or $100/Tonne

revenue for storable carbon is $220 /T

Carbon Credit                           $83.50/T (1.67 T CO2= 1 T C) (remove if reusing C into the market in < 100 years)

Oxygen Revenue                        $530/T ( x 1.67 per T of C =

Total  Income minimum         $750/T C mined

                                        Minus $100.00 Ton of C for energy costs
                                        Minus $150.00 Ton of C for O & M costs
                                        Total   $250.00/ 1.76 T of CO2 of 1 T of C
Revenue from 1.67 T CO2 mined for 1 tonne of Carbon:
                                                  $500.00 This is WITHOUT a Carbon Credit.

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