We offer a Total Stack Solution Provided to you and we will take possession of all of the waste. You do your part to stop Climate Change and carbon is kept in the economy as an asset in the form of different products and advanced oxidation services. We use a plasma membrane which separates carbon dioxide mined from the stack into oxygen and carbon gas.

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September 1st, 2016 Public Announcement.

We have taken ownership and stewardship of the abandoned CO2 and CO2 equivalent GHG`s and all co pollutants and consequent species in the atmosphere. CO2 has been abandoned for over 150 years, and High GWP Greenhouse gases have been continually abandoned due to slippage for over 100 years in an ongoing plume event. We do this with the intent of helping remove the GHGs with oxygen, and partial scrubbing of CO2 at the smokestack. Oxygen is released or sent into the upper atmosphere or the ocean, all to remove heat trapping species. We offer a standard companion stack which mines 20% of the CO2 and emits the oxygen as a standard feature of all emissions stacks and water vapor from cooling towers. Please share our web site information with emitters.

GC Green Carbon Inc., Port Moody and Kamloops British Columbia, Canada.

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