Safe Non Toxic All Natural Climate Remediation

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Compelling and consistent data is revealing that Geoengineering the weather with toxic molecules has ravaged the climate, is causing accelerated global warming, plant and animal die off and is damaging the Ozone Layer.

A remediation and restoration operation is likely necessary and only a natural detoxification  and remediation protocol where the mass of the atmosphere is scientifically lowered will be acceptable in the long term by reducing injections of as much material as possible into it. Synthetic Solar radiation management is unacceptably toxic and may be backfiring as a cause of runaway warming as of 2017. We are calling for the release of the data from these operations. Testing for the natural Oxygen remediation option is ramping up in 2017.

CLICK HERE (twice)for a printable Brochure: We stress that this is actually a remediation protocol rather than a traditional geoengineering- you will of course understand that we are talking about stabilizing the climate with regional actions. This is mitigation of our more localized natural chaos events such as hurricanes.

Geoengineering brochure

CLICK HERE (Twice): Statement of Impacts using Ionized Oxygen for an overview of the protocol, which is an actively developing contingency plan addressing these problems.

1* Too much gas and particulate in the air-bring it down with ionized oxygen to ensure heat actually escapes.

2* Also-just patch the ozone hole & make the UV rays safe again-Naturally with ionized oxygen which is the basis of the Ozone
(O3) molecule that has done this for Aons.

3* We can get this oxygen from CO2 itself by capping the stacks. The CO2 destroyed for this plan is worth $85 USD to every economy without using the carbon credits according to calculations.

4* These natural ions will destroy GHG’s everywhere they are contacting them to boot.

5* The ions will modify the weather naturally, based on the chemistry that evolved on the planet, offering the ability for water supply management to be more egalitarian and less geopolitical or military.

CLICK HERE For the old layperson backgrounder Oxygen Earth Protocol Treatise, and HERE FOR THE OXYGEN EARTH UPDATE


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