Our Carbon

We can make carbon black and graphite from stack emissions.

Here is the business Case for the products:

The energy used is $0.10 Kwh/Kg. of pure carbon 100% conversion or 10,000 Kwh/ or $100/Tonne

revenue for storable carbon is $220 /T

Carbon Credit                           $83.50/T (1.67 T CO2= 1 T C) (remove if reusing C into the market in < 100 years)

Oxygen Revenue                        $530/T ( x 1.67 per T of C =

Total  Income minimum         $750/T C mined

  •                                         Minus $100.00 Ton of C for energy costs
  •                                         Minus $150.00 Ton of C for O & M costs
  •                                         Total   $250.00/ 1.76 T of CO2 of 1 T of C
  • Revenue from 1.67 T CO2 mined for 1 tonne of Carbon:

                                                  $500.00 OR $299/T CO2 mined

What’s ahead in 2017 as we uncover just how special the carbon is:


Dominant Carbon TM Grit dominant carbon grit



Superior Strength-Meaningful Beauty

An all-new harder than synthetic diamond carbon for cutting, drilling, and beauty.

Comes in brilliant white which is known as the purest

Cleavage resistant randomized crystals are hardest to break

Ideal for drilling and cutting applications

Classy Shark

Graphite Production is also under development.