GC Green Carbon Inc Breakthroughs

We have discovered a good number of breakthroughs in chemistry, technology and industry.

The Total StacK Solution was enabled by the discovery that CO2 returns oxygen gas into useful circulation. Onsite production of a Universal Oxidant was enabled, completely changing what stack operators had to do to scrub their effluents, both wet and dry.

The Universal Oxidant breakthrough leaves no salt residues, neutralizes acid wastes, and oxidizes universally; including flue gases, water based tailing ponds in industry and mining, municipal water wastes and effluents, sanitizes storm an drinking water, animal waste, pH balances fresh and salt water (sea water if needed). Testing and monitoring is always ongoing and has established the universality of this oxidant.

GC Green Carbon ushered in a New Stone Age TM in 2014. “Dominant Carbon” was produced for the first time for cutting and polishing grit, coined Dominant Carbon Grit TM, it is 1.5 times harder and several times more fracture resistant than all diamond crystals. The New Stone Age Dominant Carbon TM Grit business is being launched in 2017.

Dominant Carbon Gems, coined Big Bite Gems TM, will be launched in 2017.

Dominant Carbon can be made to impregnate and coat steels and tools. Rhombocoat TM Franchises are available for tool sharpening professionals from GC Green Carbon Inc. at this web site.