About GC Green Carbon Inc


The company was founded to help stop CO2 contamination in the environment and in 2010 began operating a small CO2 Crusher TM.  This zero emissions clean waste to energy approach gave rise to a group of technologies and products. We did this by designing clean combustion. CO2 can fertilize plants but it also acidifies open water.

A plasma membrane is used to generate Oxygen from Carbon Dioxide scrubbed from the smokestack.

We have evaluated the economics of the carbon products and found several business cases and market opportunities to pursue based on mining 20% of the flue gas from combustion of carbon materials.

Core Values of GC Green Carbon Inc.

Our business plan does not rely on carbon taxes or global governance. We envision operations in a culturally and biologically diverse and increasingly developed but very near pristine free market world, where the water, the Sun and weather are safe and clean. The fully realized potential of our company is global distribution of our non-toxic remediation technologies with highly affordable negative emissions carbon based power generation and waste to energy designs. The release of oxygen makes the combustion carbon negative by oxidizing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

We have one executive and two directors and are located in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

 Executive Team

Chief Science Officer and Founder
Viva Cundliffe, Environmental Engineer, Entrepreneur, is completing a Masters and PhD, is developing the company technology and an emerging science of advanced oxidation and natural remediation with Oxygen, along with having converted CO2 gas into solid carbon materials. She leads the R&D and science communications of the company, and is Chairman of Board and is a director.

Alan Fraser