We are pleased to be taking “stewardship” of the physical relocation  and treatment of the abandoned CO2eq Greenhouse Gas emissions of the world. These emissions have been abandoned for over 50 years, and we at GC Green Carbon Inc.  know how to retire them safely and securely. There are 85 ppm of these emissions in the atmosphere globally, which have been released into the atmosphere and we are here to reduce and remove them at very reasonable cost. We can do this while modifying weather systems magnifying the value within a new market. 

We offer businesses the Universal Total Stack Solution (also known as The OXYGEN Stack) giving the client Universal Carbon and Universal Oxygen products using a Cap and Keep technique with zero waste that is great for the bottom line. This green climate change management infrastructure is a must-have self-sufficiency tool for industry because it ensures all green productivity options are easily available.

We are a CO2 Offset Technology Supplier to Industry. Here is a “before” and “after” image of what that means:


Use your CO2 to offset greenhouse gas emissions while doing all your tasks.

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We keep Carbon where it belongs; out of the environment and recycling in the economy since 2009. (with the exception of carbon dioxide enhancement)
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