What is a Hyperdiamond

A Hyperdiamond is a diamond crystal that typically is not a cube, but rather 6-sided or 8-sided crystals and have the property of harder than 4 point ordinary diamond. Our x-ray analysis was performed by the UBC Chemistry Department’s Crystallography and found 8-sided mixed with a little six-sided crystal. The 8-sided crystal has been found once so far, in a meteorite in Finland in the 1970’s, and has just had analysis performed on it in this century. When we say 8-point cutting,we mean that when this crystal is laid down in a nano layer on a bit, the crystal is distorted as it is flattened, and the 8 points are more tightly packed. More points means more cutting peaks per square inch.

Hyperdiamond now generally refers to any diamond like material that is harder than natural diamond. Our crystal is shaped like two 4-sided pyramids with the bases touching-or a distorted variation of that on a flat surface. Natural diamond has been scratched by our loose powder/fiber product, and natural diamond can’t scratch rhombohedral diamond. This is called a “polymorph” or subgroup of diamond, and hyperdiamond is called an allotrope of carbon.

A large Rhombohedral meteorite crystal



The sample had no Corundum possible in it, but gave the decisive match to a rhombohedral crystal with X-ray library only providing the Corundum crystal shape and finding a correlation. A raman spectral or light analysis was also found and is shown next. The rest gets really technical; long story short, our peaks are close and with new phases of carbon in meteorite-that’swhat we workfrom, and then find out what this Carbon can do for us.

Click New Phases of Carbon (purchased Article) In here, Figure 2.0 shows the peaks found in our carbon in two separate scans and gives new detail about the new “phases” or “polymorphs” of carbon being uncovered.