Ceramic Cutting with THE HARDEST EVER…Synthetic Diamond Impregnated Cutting Tools



Rhombocoating Services for Tools- There is Nothing like a synthetic diamond edge for cutting. Any Steel cutting tool can be impregnated with synthetic diamond and other metals can be coated.

Introducing a cutting edge tooling treatment

impregnate with Hyperdiamond RhombocoatTM and EXTEND YOUR CUTTING.


For Industry, Machining, Ceramic & Steel Fabrication tooling applications…

 tilizing a proprietary patented process GC Green Carbon works with carbon, refining it into a unique hyperdiamond coatingcomprised of  synthetic diamond or synthetic nanodiamond, now the hardest known material, with stiffness comparable to that of natural diamond and superior wear resistance. Our specialty treatment impregnates, or saturates, the target tooling with a hyperdiamond coating of charged carbon. The charged ions dissolve into carbon in the steel, forming strong links with carbon atoms in the tooling. The links are actually made of graphite inside the steel, then diamond, resulting in an ultra-strong, yet flexible impregnation-matrix layer. You can still sharpen your tools normally.

Using a drilling bit as an example, the size of a Rhombocoattreated bit increases the diameter of the drill bit tooling by less than 1/5th of a hair, or about 1/100 th of an inch.

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Why is this better than ordinary industrial diamond coatings?

Key benefits to using GC Green Carbons syntheic diamond Rhombocoat™ for your ceramic cutting tools:

  • Patented process and the only rhombohedra cutting diamond impregnation technology in the world.

  • Our hyperdiamond coating tooling treatment overcomes typical problems of steel tooling heating up during extended use.

  • It outperforms other diamond coatings as it offers low friction, enhanced cooling, longer lasting use of the bit, blade and/or die. Because the tooling does not heat as quickly as uncoated tooling or ordinary diamond coated tooling, the cutting process is cleaner and faster. Drill holes are better dressed, cuts are cleaner.

  • Tool seizing as a result of high temperature operation and material shavings is much less likely with Rhombocoat.

  • Testing our hyperdiamond coating on annular bits showed a more than double lifetime provide for faster drill speeds,as much as 2 seconds/ hole. On an 80,000 hole job, users of Rhombocoattreated bit saved almost a month in operation man time (documented test results available on below in the video).

All bits, blades and dies must be sharpened even when coated with Rhombocoat But because tooling treated with Rhombocoatlast longer and incur both less friction and heating, tooling utilizing GC Green Carbons specialty coating need less sharpening. Standard diamond sharpening will refurbish your tool.

Performance tested RhombocoatTooling Carbon CapturingPreserve, Strengthen and Extend Tools 

Ordinary diamond coatings are comprised of industrial grade four or six point diamonds.

Our process produces diamonds that are eight sided– “Rhombohedra– and ultra hard. 

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Hog bits showing a 1″Annular bit. Video Below is a video shows our progress with a “head to head-coated  v.s. uncoated” test on identical 1″ annular bits on the suggestion of Anvil Ironworks, Ltd. of Kamloops, BC, a leading metal fabrication company in Central British Columbia.

Here is our current “Head to Head” Hyperdiamond impregnation versus regular Hog bit Update Video We doubled the Bit life.  (September 26th 2012.) Check out our  GC Green Carbon YouTube Channel for Updates. The coated Hog Bit lasted twice as long and is still usable and able to cut after well over double the holes. We expected to at least do the same for wood industry bits and have now documented the doubling of wood saw blade life.

New update: Dremel Bit cuts rose quartz after being impregnated with Hyperdiamond! Imagine The Possibilities for dentists and ceramic fabrication.

Hyperdiamond impregnated Dremel Bit cuts words in rose quartz both sides
Hyperdiamond impregnated Dremel Bit easily cuts words in rose quartz both sides

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